Dating differences between us and europe

In Europe, what are the major differences between dating a Spanish.

And there is also a greater attention-whore culture, esp amongst women under 35. I don't know what it is about Americans and their need to talk so loud that you can hear their conversation from far away.

Is there a difference between Canadian and American dating culture.

Can anyone give me a solid reason why a man today would want to live in America?

Eastern <em>European</em> Girls Vs. American Girls – 7 <em>Differences</em>.

European Love vs. American Love Who Does it Better? - Elle

What do you think are the main personality differences are between American women and European women?

Cultural differences between Europeans and Americans USA.

I think one of the main differences is that there's more of a hard edge or abrasiveness to American women.

Dating differences between us and europe:

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